Firming Face Exercise – No more Sagging

Follow along to tighten and refresh your entire face with this exercise for the whole face. Do it every day for best results.

12 thoughts on “Firming Face Exercise – No more Sagging

  • You look very young, not the age you say you are, I asked you once you said 49 or 50, not even 40. Like 38 …That is amazing. Are you sure you are not doing other things to look this young or just this, unless you don't say your real age? I love your face work outs and do them. Thank you.

  • thank you for raking the time to do this bideo. simple no fuss exercises. video just the right amount of time. really helpful.

  • I am worried about my chubby chicks l've slim body but…..? plz help me and tell some exercises that would me helpful to me…

  • hi. what exercises you recommend for nasolabial folds. mine are very light but it ages me. I'm 29

  • I used to look younger than my age. After cancer and long term chemo, I look 20 years older and am hoping this can help

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