Get Rid of Those Sagging Jowls Permanently!

Get Rid of Those Sagging Jowls Permanently!

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Here is another Beauty Tip from RENEW ME® TV. Get Rid of Those Sagging Jowls Permanently!

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20 thoughts on “Get Rid of Those Sagging Jowls Permanently!

  • Should this exercise be done at the same time as EAWM?  If yes, should it be done before or afterwards?  If not at the same time as the EAWM, when would be the best time to do it?  Thank you.

  • Dear peta will this also help like wrinkles. If so could you do this in place of the other lip wrinkle exercise.

  • Hello Peta, I am doing all of the exercises faithfully. One side of my jowls sags more than the I need to do anything different for the more sagging side?

  • Already after 3 days, I see some results. Great. I wonder if people that get face lifts ever tried this before going for plastic surgery. Solution can be so much simpeler: exercising you face muscles… make sense, of course…..

  • Do you or anyone else know of an exercise for flabby under upper arms. I lost 15 lbs in 8 days due to an illness 2 yrs ago and have only gained back 8, now 118 lbs. am active in tennis, but see know difference in this area on right arm compared to left, have tried several exercises and creams, none work. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Peta just come across this excise and i am wondering how many times you do them once a day or once a week as they look fabulous :} Thank you :}

  • do you push your chin forward?I couldn't tell in the vid. or tense the chin area? I wish u had a side view?

  • I subbed! I really like the way you make your videos:)  Look forward to watching more on your channel:) Thank you!

  • I've just started my fourth month following you and doing your exercises. I'm sure that it's okay ? for me to do this one now!?Thank You so much PETA?You are my Idol ❤️️

  • why don't you isolate the mouth lines with your forefinger as you did in the other jaw exercise?Thank You ?

  • Thank you. Your skin is lovely and firm. Looking fresh and lovely. In this pic .. with my Son – i was 48 1/2. Now, i am 56My lifestyle is 100% raw, vegan superfoods for close to 16 years. I will refer to your posted video link, tooFeels great!Gratefully, Katherine

  • Thanks for the video. I'm 28 and starting to notice my cheeks are starting to fall down, it's really depressing because up until this point I've always been told I looked like I was in my late teens, but all I see in the mirror is how old my cheeks look, and small wrinkles starting to form. white hairs appearing.. It's so depressing that I'm looking into facial exercises to keep my face look younger for longer it's so superficial of me to be so scared of aging but I'm not even at a point of my life where I should allow my body to start declining. I dont even have a boyfriend I can see myself having kids with, I dont have a stable job, my young face was pretty much all I could've been proud of. Sorry for the venting..Love your transformation at the end by the way, you look so much younger in the video. :)

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