How to Contour Your Square Face | Sephora

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Watch this video to learn how to identify your face shape to contour:

Products used:
COVER FX Contour Kit
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Angled Contour Brush #75
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Foundation Brush #58
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Powder Brush #40

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20 thoughts on “How to Contour Your Square Face | Sephora

  • I don't understand why this face shape needs to be corrected in any way. Who says it needs to be elongated and the jaw softened. Isn't that a throwback to the old-fashioned idea that an oval face was most beautiful?

  • Okay, I know Sephora probably won't read my comment (as most companies won't unless they're trying to grab customers) but this video really peeves me off. I came here wanting to learn how to properly contour my face while STILL keeping it square! This shows how to only soften facial features and doesn't show other options at embracing a square shape. What about enforcing the angle of our cheekbones for a higher cheekbone image? What about a little shadow on the temples to accent our forehead? I hate having soft looks, I like learning how I can enforce and bring out my natural features.

  • I was convinced for years I had a round face, until one day I had to take an ID picture and I was like "holy shit my head looks like a tv screen" xD

  • now what! square shape needs contiur to look long? how about long shape, needs contour to look what? look like star shape??? ridiculous all these contouring! who starts with contour method? so stupid!old days does not have contour

  • my two parts of the chin are unever not egal at all , how can i straight them and contour and get a nice chin ? this woman already got a natural beautiful conour

  • Some peoples square face shapes come to a point at the chin but for me my head is literally a block and i hate it! ??

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