Radiesse Filler Cannula Injections For Jawline Contouring / Increasing Mascunlinity

Men are increasingly seeking aesthetic improvements including jawline contouring to increase their masculine appearance. Radiesse is the perfect filler for lifting and shaping. Cannula injections limit pain, swelling, and bruising.

9 thoughts on “Radiesse Filler Cannula Injections For Jawline Contouring / Increasing Mascunlinity

  • This technique is used to define and contour.  It doesn't mean it has to be used to give a complete change.  Most of my patients like subtle differences and antiaging or preventive treatments.   The expectation should not be to "change" someone it should be to "enhance."

  • If I want a really chiseled jawline like Cillian Murphy, can I use Radiesse? if so, how much of it would I need per side?

  • is there any where where i can see your before and after pictures for this procedure?is this something you do often?i would love to see more videos on this

  • Hey doctor Emer!I have an uneven face due to masseter muscle. My right side is looking weak and left side is plumper. But it happened because of birth complication, not because of chewing etc. According to mri results my bone structure is symmetrical. It's all about masseter muscle.So for my weak right side, what would be the best combination? (except jaw implants)I don't want botox for left because left is awesome. I want my right side to look like left one.Btw i living in europe, so i can come to you 2 times in a year. Would it ok for the procedure? Is there a permanent way to do that?Thanks.

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